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Used by successful Gun and Bow hunters everywhere.

It is the world’s only 100% hands free or hands on patented interactive deer call.

  • Very versatile call that makes all the social calls of deer from deep buck grunts to fawn bleats in volumes from super low to very loud.
  • Operates totally hands-free when attached to outer clothing.
  • Quick-pin body mount for gun or bow hunters.
  • Adjustable "O" ring creates a wide range of calls--dominant buck, buck, doe, and fawn settings.
  • Inhale activated...reed will never stick in hot weather or freeze-up in cold weather.
  • Automatic shut off...mistakes are impossible to make.
  • Range extender tube expands and contracts to create deeper and louder rutting buck sounds.
  • Volume of call is fully adjustable (loud to very soft) by controlling the amount of air inhaled...simple to use.

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