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There are many lighted nocks available today to choose from.  

At Zeus, we built our nocks to the highest level quality so that you choose us every time.

We designed the crossbow off switch so that you won't need tools.  The crossbow nock has a much smaller neck, so you won't see our trademark black flush switch, but we still use the smallest switch possible.  

Other Features:

  • STANDARD CROSSBOW BOLT SIZE -Though we have 4 different size nocks for standard carbon arrows, we have 1 size for crossbows as most crossbows only take one size which is 7.62mm / .300".  Check your size before ordering.
  • SUPER BRIGHT VIVID GREEN LIGHT with LONG LASTING LITHIUM BATTERIES - Shoot it anytime during the morning, day or dusk. Our batteries are designed to last 48 hours, more than double many other brands
  • RELIABLE AND DURABLE - Piston driven contact switch ensures L.E.D. illumination every time. Waterproof and shock resistant design is second to none.
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED - Nocks can go straight from the package to the shaft in fully operational condition. No prep work needed. Just insert it, and you are ready to shoot.
  • +/- 0.02 Gr. Weight Tolerance
  • 26 Grains
  • CROSSBOW NOCKS 7.62mm / .300"

                        LIGHT YOUR FLIGHT with Zeus Lighted Crossbow Nocks.

                                CROSSBOW LIGHTED NOCKS 7.62mm / .300"

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